Say it with a USS Enterprise ring

Jeweler Gino Arizmendi has made some beautiful geek-themed pieces. One of his latest is a stunning ring that will make "Star Trek" fans' hearts go pitter-patter.

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Gino Arizmendi's Boldly Go Ring
Gino Arizmendi

Gino Arizmendi of Art and Gems jewelers has carved quite a tidy niche for himself since the creation of his Police Box Ring last year.

Since then, his collection has grown to encompass Iron Man, with an arc reactor ring; the Legend of Zelda, with two stunning pendants; and this rather stylish "Doctor Who"-inspired necklace.

But he's never forgotten his roots. Each piece gets tested with customers with a one-off concept posted to the Art and Gems Web site. The Pokemon ring he recently created has gathered plenty of attention, but we'd love to see what he is calling the Boldly Go Ring come to production.

Arizmendi hasn't detailed what it's made of, but since he works a lot with white gold, it's not too much of a stretch to suppose the "Star Trek" USS Enterprise-inspired ring has been cased in it, with two rubies accenting the propulsion units and diamonds or cubic zirconias studding the primary hull.

The ring was "designed one night when I could not concentrate on my homework because this image was burning in my head," Arizmendi wrote on Tumblr. We don't know whether he designed it for ladies or gentlemen, but we imagine any Trekkie would be proud to sport it boldly. If you like it, drop by his Web site to let him know how you feel.

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(Source: Crave Australia)