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Sarah Silverman's Twitter account hacked with anti-Hillary post

Two days after the comedian/actress announces her support for Hillary Clinton, an unwelcome tweet turns up under her name.

Sarah Silverman speaking during the Democratic National Convention.
Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

Comedian/actress Sarah Silverman spoke at the Democratic National Convention on Monday, offering her support for the soon-to-be-official nominee, Hillary Clinton.

On Wednesday, a suspiciously anti-Hillary post popped up on her Twitter account. The tweet was quickly deleted and followed by an all-caps denunciation: "MY TWITTER ACCT GOT HACKED THIS IS NOT ME"

"Hillary heard the passion of the people, the people behind Bernie," said Silverman, who had been supporting Clinton rival Bernie Sanders, in her DNC speech, "and brought those passions into the party's platform. And that is the process of democracy at its very best...Hillary is our Democratic nominee and I will proudly vote for her."

Check out Silverman's full speech in the video below.