Sandy video: Falling trees. Fire. 'Apocalypse'

A video shot by chance during the hurricane catches trees crashing down, fires igniting, and one family's fear.

Chris Matyszczyk
And there goes another tree. Imasharky/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It begins with: "This is the apocalypse."

A video shot by YouTube member Imasharky seems to offer a very realistic flavor of the drama and fear engendered by Hurricane Sandy.

Trees crash down on cars. Fires ignite. Fear abounds. (Yes, the word "s***" does appear a couple of times, but is that surprising?)

Sharky describes himself as a 16-year-old from the "good old Empire State" and Mashable was first to spot his film's dramatic nature.

Some might find it moving that -- in the face of so much destruction -- the family reacts with a mixture of terror and the same sort of humor that they might employ during a summer blockbuster about, well, the apocalypse.

There's a falling tree. "Oh my God." It's hit someone's car. "Oh my God." Then the fire starts in the street and dad explains that there is nothing he can do about it.

Then, the most vital element: "I got it all on film, you guys!"

Yes, indeed.