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Samsung UND8000 TV review: Nearly naked picture lacks uniformity

The Samsung UND8000 TV delivers best-in-class looks and features, but its picture quality--thanks to uneven screen uniformity--is ultimately a step backward from many less expensive models.

The 0.2-inch bezel around the UND8000's picture seems to vanish when the TV is turned on. Sarah Tew/CNET

The Samsung UND8000 LED-based LCD TV shows the company's considerable technological know-how brought to bear on a simple design goal: to make the "TV" itself disappear to as large an extent as possible when turned on, leaving nothing but the picture. Seen in person, the design is a spectacular success that will command attention and be worth the exceedingly high price to some buyers with cash to burn. And despite its compact dimensions the UND8000 also manages to squeeze in more features than just about any TV we've ever reviewed.

Other buyers, however, will have a hard time overlooking its principal picture-quality flaw. Its screen lacks the brightness and color uniformity required for peak performance, apparently a casualty of that awesome design. At base the UND8000 represents a simple choice between a quality picture and the best design and features. We think that buyers who can afford this TV shouldn't have to make that choice, but for now they do.

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