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Samsung supersizes LCD line with 65-inch HDTV

Samsung adds a 65-inch screen size to its 650 series of LCD TVs.

Samsung LN65B650

Is a 55-inch screen just not big enough for you? Don't worry, Samsung's riding to the rescue with its largest flat-screen to date: the 65-inch LN65B650. In terms of features, the new model is identical to that of its smaller siblings: 1080p native resolution, 120Hz refresh rate with dejudder processing, four HDMI inputs, Energy Star 3.0-compliant, and support for Internet content via Yahoo Widgets. Note that this model uses good ol' CCFL (fluorescent light) backlights, not the LED backlighting that Samsung and other manufacturers have been touting this year.

If we had to guess, we'd expect the 65-incher to offer little performance differences from the 55-inch LN55B650, which garnered a positive CNET review earlier this year. The supersized display edges out Samsung's 63-inch plasmas by a nose. Unfortunately, those extra 2 inches on the LN65B650 will cost you almost double the price: the new megasized LCD model will retail for $6,000 when it becomes available later this month. (On the other hand, that's downright cheap compared with Panasonic's 85-inch plasma, which retails for $30,000.)