Samsung glosses over LCD lineup

Samsung releases a bunch of glossy black LCDs, but doesn't release much info.

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David Katzmaier
The Samsung LN-T5265F
The Samsung LN-T5265F Samsung

Every year at CES it seems like more and more manufacturers release less and less information about their coolest products. Sure, I realize that the pricing, availability, and specs given are usually "preliminary" anyway, but any information is better than none. Take Samsung's higher-end flat-panel LCD lineup for 2007. Its three models, the 52-inch LN-T5265F, the 46-inch LN-T4665F, and the 40-inch LN-T4065F, all offer HDMI 1.3, 1080p (1,920x1,080) native resolution, a more-unbelievable-than-usual 12,000:1 contrast ratio, and "chrome accents and glossy black finish to accentuate any home theater." Also glossed over are pricing and availability for any of the three models, although maybe Samsung will drop hints during the course of the show.

The Samsung LN-T2354G
The Samsung LN-T2354G Samsung

Equally glossy but definitely more detailed is the company's step-down line of flat-panel LCDs, comprising five screen sizes. The 40-inch LN-T4053H ($2,299 list), the 32-inch LN-T3253H ($1,699), the 26-inch LN-T2653H ($1,299), the 23-inch LN-T2353H ($849), and the 19-inch LN-T1953H ($529) all have glossy black finishes, and the two smallest models have "pearl white" twins: the LN-T2354H ($849) and the LN-T1954H ($529). All hit stores in April and all include three non-1.3 HDMI inputs including one on the side panel. The spec sheet also mentions an "RS232 port for navigating MP3 player content on-screen with the LCD remote," presumably with a proprietary adapter. The two biggest models offer an improved panel with a wider color gamut, although this won't necessarily improve color accuracy.