Samsung 'Avengers 2' trailer is Marvel's mightiest product placement

Iron Man and friends are kitted out with Samsung tablets in a new extended trailer for the superhero sequel "Age of Ultron".

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Richard Trenholm
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We've all had those days when crappy service has left us seething, but few of us would go as far as smashing up the shop. Apparently the Avengers would, however -- in a new extended trailer for "The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron", Marvel's greatest heroes get into a scrap in a Samsung store.

The new promo adds to the first trailer's glimpse of the Avengers taking on the robot menace Ultron, voiced by James Spader clearly having the time of his life. Once again, we see Tony Stark's plus-sized Hulkbuster Iron Man armour face up to the Hulk, while Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, Maria Hill and Nick Fury mill about looking glum.

The new extended trailer appears on Samsung Mobile's YouTube channel -- which explains the lingering shot of Black Widow looking at Loki's staff on a mobile device. Can you guess the brand of tablet? Why yes, it is a Samsung! And lo and behold, about two minutes into the trailer there appears a whacking great Samsung sign as the Avengers and their foes bring chaos to a Samsung store during a fight in a shopping mall.

Look out for the Galaxy Note Edge to join the other new faces Andy Serkis, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen when the film hits UK theatres on 24 April and US theatres on 1 May 2015.

It seems Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark has switched allegiances: in "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2" everybody's favourite billionaire arms dealer-turned-superhero favoured LG, at one point carrying the LG VX9400 swivel-screen smartphone .

Meanwhile, everybody's other favourite rich guy who dresses up funny and beats people up, Bruce Wayne, prefers Nokia: in " The Dark Knight", Batman uses a suitably souped-up Nokia 5800 .