Sadly, some Palm apps are now free

It just goes to show how far Palm OS has fallen.

John Chan
Crave Asia

Knowing that I still use a Palm Treo 650 (yes, people who review phones don't necessarily have fancy ones), a colleague alerted me to the fact that PDAmill Game Studios has made all its Palm OS games free. The company stopped making games for this platform since February 2007 but still has a reasonable stable of applications for Windows Mobile. Some of these games are quite good and may be worth a download for those still using a Palm OS device.

TreoCentral reported on this and noted a few other developers giving away their previously for-sale software. These include games from Ellams Software and SkinUI from PalmPowerups.

It just goes to show how far Palm OS has fallen. The third-party software community for this platform used to be one of the most vibrant, but thanks to lack of improvement in the OS and its devices, most current mobile applications now run on Windows Mobile or regular mobile phones. For those still on Palm OS, get these free apps while they are still being hosted by their developers.

(Source: Crave Asia)