Rumor: Sony to debut PS3 Slim on August 18 in Germany

A Belgian blog is reporting that Sony will announce the new PS3 Slim on August 18, just prior to the opening of the Gamescom expo in Cologne, Germany.

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Alleged spy photo of PS3 Slim's packaging.

No sooner had we written about reports that Sony would be dropping its 80GB PS3 in Japan on August 9, that two more PS3-related news items surfaced.

  • A Belgian blog, RTLinfo, is reporting that Sony will soon be lowering the price on the European version of the PS3 from 399 euros to 299 euros (that bodes well for a $299 version of the U.S. PS3). At the same time, the site claims that Sony will introduce the PS3 Slim before the opening of Gamescom expo in Cologne, Germany, at a pre-event press conference on August 18.
  • In more concrete news, Amazon today shaved $50 off the 160GB PS3 bundle, which includes Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. It now costs $449.99.
Naturally, we have no confirmation from Sony on all this, but if the near constant spate of rumors is any indication, it appears we're getting very close to the launch of a new PS3. Whether Sony will start shipping units the day that any announcement is made remains to be seen. It's also unclear which region--or regions--will get the new console first.


(Source: Engadget via RTLinfo)

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