Rumor Has It: iPhone 5's annoying new 'feature'

This week in rumor land, we up the iPhone 5 threat level to Orange. The "O" in orange stands for "OMG, it's really finally about to be released (everyone seems to think)."

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Watch this: How frustrating will a smaller iPhone dock be?

Even Tim Cook seems to be hinting that a new phone is right around the corner. But it may frustrate people updating from an earlier device, as trusted news source Reuters is reporting that the new device will boast a smaller 19-pin dock connector. What will that mean for compatibility with older accessories, like speaker docks? A headache.

Also on today's show, the youngest child in the MacBook Pro line may get some love from Apple soon; Nokia's mathematicians may have figured out a novel way to save the company; and the BlackBerry PlayBook isn't dead, and may receive a poorly conceived update.

We added a new feature to this week's show: you can vote on every rumor we discuss. So be sure to look for the polls in the interactive player.

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