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Rumor Has It: iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, the Reckoning

This is the last show before September 12, the day we expect Apple to announce its new phone -- and maybe an iPad Mini.

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It's time to get real: the iPhone 5 is probably almost here. Though Apple hasn't sent out an invitation, the tech world seems united in the belief that the company will hold a huge party on September 12 to reveal a new iPhone to the world. Here is a reason to doubt that assumption: Moscone Center, where Apple has held many major launch events, is fully booked that day for a microbiology conference!

Does that make us think the rumored release date is false? Not necessarily, as Apple could always hold the event here, which is where it released the new iPad, or on its massive campus.

On this week's show, we run through the latest major rumors for the iPhone 5: What will it look like? What special features will it have? Will it be accompanied into this world by a sibling named "iPad Mini"? This is your last chance to vote on iPhone 5 rumors with us before September 12, so don't miss out on the poll action. And leave a comment telling us what you think the new phone will look like.

Enjoy your Labor Day, folks! See you post-September 12!

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