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Rumor: 8-megapixel Samsung camphone heads to T-Mobile

It's more camera than phone and perfect for shutterbugs.

Samsung camera

There are phones with cameras, and then there are cameras with phones, and a new badboy reportedly making its way to T-Mobile seems to be the latter. This touch-screen Samsung beast features an 8-megapixel autofocus camera with flash and what appears to be optical zoom.

That would make the camera on this phone better than my normal point 'n' shoot, which I adore.

This would also probably be the highest-resolution in a camphone available in the U.S. as a subsidized handset. Since T-Mobile's 3G is finally becoming available all over, look for that as well.

TmoNews, an unofficial T-Mobile blog, says the phone is expected to be named name "Memoir." It's not meant to take on the iPhone--T-Mo has the G1 for that--but for people who want to keep a decent camera with them at all times and don't want to carry separate hardware it could be a great choice.