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Rubbee turns any bike into an electric one in seconds

The Rubbee on Kickstarter rubs up on your back wheel to lend electric power to any bicycle, but it comes at a price.

Electric bike conversion comes in a small package.

Electric bicycles are a lot like regular bikes, but the trade-off for getting an electrical assist is usually a heavier and more expensive ride. The Rubbee on Kickstarter is a clever take on the concept of electric bike conversion kits. Everything is in one compact package that attaches to a bike's seat post.

A friction wheel sits on the back tire while a built-in electric motor turns it, giving you up to a 15-mile range. The device weighs 14 pounds and can be attached and removed quickly. A handle lets you carry it around and stash it inside, out of sight.

It takes a couple of hours to recharge the Rubbee, and it can hit a top speed of 15 mph. The device is controlled through a throttle, which you install ahead of time. Extra throttles can be picked up to equip multiple bikes.

The Rubbee looks pretty nifty and could handily solve some of the lingering issues around electric bike conversions, like running wires, weight, and difficulty with swapping between bicycles.

The Rubbee's portability and simplicity do come with a high price tag. The regular pledge price is set around $1,370. For people used to spending a lot on high-end bike gear, that may not be too bad. For folks who are just curious about electric bikes, it may be a bit out of range.

Rubbees on bikes
The Rubbee rides along. Rubbee