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Robots can now be your in-store greeter, what jobs should they take next? (Open_Tab)

Do you want to walk into the store and get help from a robot? Or ask an android waiter to fix a mistake with your meal at a restaurant? We chat about that possible future in this excerpt from Open_Tab.

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Pepper the robot paid a visit to the United States this month to bring a new type of customer service to the country: "She" can read your emotions and react accordingly.

In this excerpt from Open_Tab, Jeff Bakalar, Mike Sorrentino and special guest Joshua Goldman chat about what it would be like to have a machine like Pepper in a department store, the jobs that robots could take away from helpless human beings in the future and bring in your comments about Pepper the robot from the live chat.

What jobs do you think robots will take next? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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