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Robot wedding in Japan is spectacularly weird (Tomorrow Daily 203)

Ashley and Khail enjoy a glimpse into the world's first robot wedding, examine a long-thought-lost Nintendo/Sony prototype console and explain why controlling your car with your phone isn't as exciting as you're imagining.

A robot wedding is easily the most fun way to start your week, wouldn't you agree? We're discussing the logistics of the event on today's show, particularly what to get the happy couple. We originally thought about a toaster, but upon further reflection, we think that might come across as rude to a couple of robots. Either way, it's fun to speculate about what robots might like for their nuptials.

Almost 25 years ago, Sony and Nintendo partnered together to design a hybrid cartridge/CD console. Sadly, because of concerns from both companies, the console never saw the light of day... until now. A reddit user claims they have one of the prototype consoles, and shared photos of the device with the rest of the Internet.

There's also a new way to drive a Range Rover Sport around -- you just need the prototype car and the corresponding smartphone app. Oh, and we forgot to mention...the car only goes 4 mph and won't work if you wander more than 30 feet away. But it's still pretty neat.

Check back in tomorrow for our Comic-Con preview coverage!

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203: Robot wedding in Japan is spectacularly weird

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