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Rob Enderle, please call your office

Someone's stealing his shtick.

Because the Macalope did a little research after reading this post on Daring Fireball and it looks like someone's trying to move in on your turf.

iPhone mania nears fever pitch

"It's a product of mythical proportions," says [Roger] Entner, senior vice president of IAG Research. "They're not saying the iPhone will cure cancer and bring world peace, but that it will do everything else. It's impossible to live up to these expectations."

iPhone a top-secret jewel for AT&T

Roger Entner, senior vice president-communications sector at IAG Research, called the attention unprecedented. "If this device doesn't cure cancer and solve world hunger, then it's a failure," he joked.

Hype Meets Reality At iPhone's Debut

"People act as if this can bring world peace and cure cancer -- yet it can't download songs over the air," said Roger Entner, senior vice president of the communications sector of IAG Research.

Is that all you've got? That one line? Where's the claim that the iPhone's actually going to kill people? Sir, the horned one has followed Rob Enderle. He's actively mocked Rob Enderle. You, sir, are no Rob Enderle.

Or is he?

Roger Entner?

Rob Enderle?

The Macalope's starting to think someone's pulling his shank.

In reference to Mr. Gruber's question about who was quoting the 1,000,000 iPhone sales figure before the launch, a search on "Roger Entner" and "1,000,000" turns up nothing about the iPhone.

Surprise! Well, perhaps he told his cat.