Ringtone roundup: Rascals get to the top

In CNET's weekly tracking of ringtones, Chris Brown falls from the top.

Marin Perez
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Marin Perez
The country trio tops the ringtone chart. www.villagevoice.com

I still haven't heard a Rascal Flatts song, but they seem to have a big enough following to claim the No. 1 spot this week in Billboard's ringtone chart. The group's song, "What Hurts the Most" has knocked Chris Brown's "Poppin'" from the top.

Brown shouldn't take it too hard, as his song had held the top spot since we began tracking ringtones six weeks ago.

I knew nothing about our new chart leader, so I looked up Rascal Flatts' official bio. Apparently the group has sold over 13 million albums and it will be on American Idol on April 25. Also, one of the gorup's singers is married to a former Miss Tennessee. That may be more than you ever need to know about Rascal Flatts.

As for the rest of the ringtone chart, Buckcherry's "Crazy B****" is No. 3, followed by Gym Class Heroes' "Cupid's Chokehold," and 50 Cent's "Candy Shop."

It's disappointing news, to me at least, that Akon's "Don't Matter" slipped down to the No. 22 spot. I previously predicted that ringtone would break the top 10 mark, and it looks like I struck out on that one.