Rich people don't like Facebook?

A poll suggests that rich people disproportionately sign up for Facebook, but then disproportionately fail to become everyday enthusiasts.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Rich people are often unjustly maligned. They work hard just like the rest of us. They struggle just like the rest of us. They socially network just like the rest of us. Even more so, it seems.

However, a troubling new poll suggests that rich people, who are overly enthusiastic about giving to Facebook and other social networks, just aren't taking to them.

The poll, conducted by SEI Wealth Network, a company that advises the wealthy on how to survive their troubles, revealed that 70 percent of the moneyed had signed up for Facebook and other online homes of social interaction.

This compares very favorably with Pew research that revealed that a mere 61 percent of the great and barely washed were present in the social media sphere.

But perhaps they're wise about Facebook. CC Itzafineday/Flickr

However, a piffling 17 percent go to these sites daily. This does not reflect social norms, which are reflected in the uplifting Pew statistic that 38 percent of people do, in fact, visit their online social world every single day.

Naturally, there will be knee-jerk--and even needy jerk--reactions to these numbers.

Those who are envious, lonely, or merely troubled will declare that, of course, the rich aren't like you and me. Of course, they dive into novelties. Of course, they abandon those novelties within moments and go on to the next thing. And of course they don't really have time for other human beings because they're far too obsessed with making money.

But when you're rich, it's surely a little harder to make friends. You're suspicious that people only want to know you because you're rich. You worry that if you Facebook excessively, you will be inundated with friend requests. Or, more likely, money requests. And you're concerned people will think you're stupid. Or lucky. Or both.

Perhaps when the rich join Facebook they are stunned by the Babel of humanity they encounter and they decide they couldn't possibly cope with this sort of thing every day.

Perhaps the rich are wise.