Review: Psystar's OpenPro continues to stick it to Apple

Review of Psystar's OpenPro, OS X-based custom PC.

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Rich Brown

Following our review of Psystar's Apple-annoying Open Computer, we took a look at the higher-end model last week, the OpenPro. Our OpenPro review unit came with both OS X and 64-bit Windows Vista Ultimate, and a $2,659 price tag (starts at $999 with Linux). In brief, it works, and it's a better deal than similar hardware from Apple, but not as attractive, and not as price-competitive compared with certain Windows PCs.

By "it works," we're referring to Psystar's EULA-violating, lawsuit-embroiled installation of Apple's OS X on this non-Apple product. Apple, as you may know, has frowned on Psystar's offering. But where last time we had some qualms about the stability and reliability of Psystar's OS X implementation, this time out we got to look at Psystar's new restore disc and also test the veracity of Psystar's claim that this system will handle all of Apple's current OS X software updates.

Psystar's bland OpenPro chassis. CNET

Read on for the details, but we'll simply say that Psystar has done some impressive work on the software side, and bolstered our confidence in its products. If only we could be sure the company will still be around in six months.

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