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This gutsy swimsuit shows your insides

It takes guts to wear this swimsuit from Black Milk Clothing, with a daring design that shows what you're really made of.

Scare the lifeguard at the pool with this revealing swimming suit. Black Milk Clothing

See-through swimsuits are nothing new, unless it's seeing right through your skin. This limited-edition "Dem Guts" swimsuit from Black Milk Clothing displays the intestines (small and large), lungs, kidneys, a heart, and more.

The disturbing polyester, nylon, and Lycra swimsuit is designed by artist Chris Lediott and is made to order in sizes XXS to XL for approximately $85. If shiny pink intestines make you feel self-conscious, there's always this skeleton swimsuit also from Black Milk.

Crazy patterns and designs are part of what makes Black Milk a unique brand in the fashion world. After all, how many fashionistas out there can pull off leggings that look like skinless muscles?

While Black Milk boasts a loyal fan base of customers willing to take a risk to show their fashion prowess, the Australian clothing company recently made a misstep in mocking their own clientele online.

On May 4, Star Wars Day, Black Milk posted on its official Facebook page a meme image (which has been deleted) of one of the Black Milk models wearing an R2-D2 swimsuit under the word "Expectation" next to "The Big Bang Theory" nerdy character Amy Farrah Fowler (played by Mayim Bialik) under the word "Reality."

This led to an angry discourse between offended customers and Black Milk Clothing's social media team who were dumbfounded by the kerfuffle they caused by posting the image. It became an interesting study in how not to needlessly upset your fan base with subjective humor.

Black Milk may not always understand its customers, but the company takes risks with not only its social media outreach, but also its own fashion line. Who knows what they'll come up with next, but it will undoubtedly be revealing.

Show your inner beauty with this daring fashion statement. Black Milk Clothing