Report: Dell working on a second tablet

The "Looking Glass" will be a larger version of the "Streak" tablet, and will arrive in November, according to documents leaked to Engadget.

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Erica Ogg

Even though Dell has lost a bit of its footing in the PC race--sliding behind Acer in overall shipments--the company does appear to have a plan to hook consumers another way, by expanding beyond its core consumer business of laptops and desktops.

Dell tablet Looking Glass
Dell is reportedly readying a larger tablet called Looking Glass for this fall (click for larger image). Engadget

Among the list of devices leaked to Engadget in the form of internal Dell documents Wednesday evening was a second tablet, apparently to be called the Dell Looking Glass. It will be the 7-inch cousin to the 5-inch Streak, which we saw last month.

While the Streak's size seems more akin to an awkwardly proportioned smartphone, the Looking Glass, with a 7-inch screen, is edging into Kindle and iPad territory. That would make more sense as Dell's answer to a touch-screen tablet than the 5-inch device first announced at CES in January.

It appears it's also shaping up to be a legitimate Android answer to HP's forthcoming Windows 7-based Slate and Apple's iPad. The specs include Android 2.1 (though that could change by November), an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and 4GB of storage. Plus, it's expandable with a 32GB SDHC card, and has a TV tuner that's optional. The screen resolution is 800x480.

There isn't any information listed on pricing, but the documents show it as coming in November.