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8 ways Redditors made a Photoshop battle with a flying feline

I found a Photoshop battle on Reddit today that forced people to get creative using a picture of an airborne pouncing cat.

I was checking out Photoshop battles over on Reddit this morning when I came across a hilarious one using a shot of a cat, mid pounce. There are a ton of good shots that came out of it, but this is the rare battle where the original shot is almost better than the alterations.

Check out the original, posted by Jacksonteague:

Reddit user: Jacksonteague

I'm not sure if it's the startled woman behind the plants, the blank look in the cat's eyes or the clever caption, but I laughed out loud.

The shops are still great though. Redditor gnostic_cat came with the GIF game:

Reddit user: gnostic_cat

Then it starts getting weird (if that wasn't weird enough). What even made Redditor BOBALOBAKOF think of dirtbike racing? It doesn't matter; we'll take it!

Reddit user: BOBALOBAKOF

Thor's hammer? Sure, why not?

Reddit user: admancb

This person went with a different strategy by riffing on the caption:

Reddit user: NietJordan

Making the cat into an explosion? Where do they come up with this stuff?

Reddit user: 4of92000

Then Redditor MacMason took inspiration from the big game yesterday:

Reddit user: MacMason

Continuing with the sports theme, kitty is taking it to the rack:

Reddit user: useingatlin

Finally, this GIF uses the movie poster from "Saving Private Ryan" to great effect:

Reddit user: jnoble50

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