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A Realtor Reacts to Real Estate Listings in the Metaverse

We ask real estate agent Herman Chan what he thinks of property for sale in the metaverse. Here are his thoughts on these other worlds.

Do you feel like you're missing out on something big with crypto and the metaverse? Do you know how they work or how much they're worth?

As these platforms evolve and take shape, "real estate" in the digital world has become a trend that is simultaneously intriguing and confounding. We asked a 20-year veteran in (real) real estate, Herman Chan, who has no prior knowledge of crypto or the metaverse, to give us his perspective on properties for sale in three of the growing number of metaverses: Decentraland, The Sandbox Game and Upland.

"Everybody that owns a house....Maybe their property is being traded somewhere off in a different metaverse somewhere. This is kind of scary!" Chan exclaimed while exploring the Upland metaverse that sells parcels of land rooted in the real world.

Watch the video for Chan's reactions as he breaks down each metaverse in CNET's video series Experts React. 

Decentraland, The Sandbox Game and Upland did not immediately respond to a request for comment.  

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