'Real Genius' getting TV reboot from Adam Sandler

The beloved '80s film starring Val Kilmer about college geeks trying to make the ultimate laser will now be turned into a TV sitcom, according to reports.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton

Val Kilmer made misfit scientists sexy in "Real Genius." TriStar Pictures

Whether it's " Stargate" or even another " Blade Runner," no '80s hit film seems to be safe from a reboot. Now it appears "Real Genius" has been chosen to find a new generation of fans.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the hit 1985 film -- which featured the comedic talents of actor Val Kilmer as an eccentric genius mentoring a brilliant young student in the ways of having fun -- will be rebooted as a NBC "modern-day workplace comedy focusing on the relationship of two incompatible co-workers."

The sitcom is penned by David King ("Parks and Recreation") and Craig DiGregorio ("Workaholics"), EW reports. Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment and Sony TV are all onboard to give "Real Genius" a TV makeover.

Not surprisingly, some "Real Genius" fans aren't convinced this is a good thing. Jill Pantozzi of The Mary Sue Blog wrote, "Of course, (my) initial reaction is egads!"

No word yet from the original "Real Genius" star Kilmer on whether he'll be making a guest appearance. But for some of us fans, it's a moral imperative he's involved somehow.