Rare first-edition Harry Potter book (with typos) sells for $90,000

How much is that in Galleons?

The first edition sold for almost $90,000. 

This Ravenclaw isn't ashamed to admit she wouldn't pay more than Barnes and Noble prices for a copy of Harry Potter. However, Bonhams, a privately owned international auction house, sold a rare first-edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for about $90,000, or £68,812, on Friday.


The bidder paid for the copy, complete with typos. Among the errors, "Philospher's" is spelled "Philospher's" on one page; J.K. Rowling's name appears as "Joanne Rowling;" and "1 wand" appears twice on Harry's school list.

The book's original estimated price was between about $52,000 and $78,000, Design Taxi reported. The copy was originally owned by Christopher Little, Rowling's first literary agent.

Bonham's Friday bidder didn't walk away with the most expensive copy of Harry Potter though. In November 2017, Bonham's auctioned off a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for more than $138,000, a record £106,250.

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