Rainn Wilson takes on Harry Mudd for 'Star Trek: Discovery'

"The Office" star Rainn Wilson steps into the iconic and comedic role of Star Trek con-artist Harry Mudd.

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Amanda Kooser
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Rainn Wilson joins "Star Trek: Discovery."


"Star Trek: Discovery" has found its Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

Rainn Wilson will play the jolly-but-scheming con man first introduced in the original series, CBS announced Friday. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company.) In that role, Wilson should get an opportunity to display his comedy chops honed from his work on "The Office."

Mudd, originally played by actor Roger C. Carmel, appeared in two episodes in the 1960s. The conniving criminal gets involved with androids in "I, Mudd" and tries to woo the men on the Enterprise with three beautiful women in "Mudd's Women." Of course, nothing is at it seems when it comes to Harry Mudd.

"Star Trek: Discovery" is set before the original series, so we can expect to get a glimpse of a younger Mudd's criminal activities from before he met the crew of the Enterprise. Wilson already has some sci-fi space cred after playing a small role as an alien in the 1999 Star Trek parody movie "Galaxy Quest."

Wilson's casting comes after an announcement in late January that "Discovery" is finally in production after a series of delays. He joins an intriguing cast that already includes Michelle Yeoh and Jason Isaacs of Harry Potter fame and as Starfleet captains. Sonequa Martin-Green from "The Walking Dead" is the lead for the new series.

"Star Trek: Discovery" will air on streaming service CBS All Access.

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