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Put your tiny, 3D-printed head on a Lego minifig

Creepy, cool or creepy-cool? Buy a tiny version of your head to fit onto a Lego minifig, and become the star of your own plastic-brick adventures.

Lego head
Two photos and some money turns you into a Lego minifig.
Funky 3D Faces

Lego minifigs don't always have the most expressive faces. The classic look is a yellow head with a curved smile and two dots for eyes. You have to use your imagination with a face like that. Or you can leave nothing up to the imagination and instead order a perfect little 3D-printed replica of your own head to connect to the empty neck of a minifig.

Etsy seller Funky 3D Faces offers to create an itsy-bitsy Lego-compatible toy version of your noggin. You need to send along two clear photographs, one of the side of your head and one taken face-on. Funky 3D Faces then converts those photos into a 3D head it describes as "eerily lifelike."

The heads are sized to be just over a half-inch tall (15 millimeters). The material has a sandstone finish with a hole in the neck designed to fit on any Lego minifigure. It takes up to two weeks to make your head, so plan accordingly if you need it for a special event.

The head-making process includes your choice of hair style and color.

The $30.19 (about £21, AU$42) price is for just the head. You'll need to provide your own minifig body. This means you can turn yourself into whatever Lego character you want, whether it's a Stormtrooper or one of the Ghostbusters.

This isn't the first time 3D printing has been harnessed to create personalized mini-mes. Back in 2011, 3D-printing company Sculpteo began offering customized figurines, and it didn't take long from there for UK retailer Firebox to offer up your very own action figure.

Funky 3D Faces will also make disembodied face magnets and custom Lego wedding cake toppers. The face magnets are particularly startling and would be a delightfully eerie addition to the magnet collection on your refrigerator.

Lego heads

When Lego, weddings and 3D printing meet.

Funky 3D Faces

(Via Nerdist)