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Pumpkin spice Spam is coming, and people are out of their gourds


It's coming.

What's the perfect food to enjoy with a pumpkin spice latte this fall? Pumpkin spice Spam, duh.

Parent company Hormel Foods will sell a limited supply of pumpkin-spice flavored Spam online at and on Sept. 23, the company said in a statement.

"Limited-edition Spam Pumpkin Spice offers a blend of seasonal spices including cinnamon, clove, allspice and nutmeg," the statement said. 

Those words, "limited edition," mean that it might sell out, so mark your calendar to buy it right away on Sept. 23 if you want some. We don't want a Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce situation here. 

Some media outlets got an early taste.

"Pumpkin Spice Spam certainly seems to err on the side of a breakfast food, and could easily be slathered in maple syrup as you might with breakfast sausage," wrote a reviewer for Food & Wine magazine. "One colleague even compared it to gingerbread plus ham — maybe this Christmas you could even build a little village out of it?"

Not everyone's sure about the new product. "Hey Twitter, I'd like to report this as unwanted spam," wrote Meg Kinnard in a tweet.

But some are all ready to visit the Spam pumpkin patch. "This is one spam I don't mind getting," wrote one Twitter user.

This flavor fun has been simmering for some time. In October 2017, Hormel Foods shared a pumpkin spice Spam photo on Facebook, and seemed to be testing to see if there was a market for it. "Ok, it might not be real, but you can still put it on your holiday wishlist!" the 2017 post read. "Would you?"

And when fans clamored for it, the Spam official Facebook page responded with, "We think it's great that you'd like to see this product! Unfortunately this variety is only a joke, so it cannot be found anywhere." 

That was then, this is now. Joke's over!