Public urinal lets you pee into the wall

This ceramic bathroom by Mexican designer Miguel Melgarejo's is shaped like a pee trail and attaches itself to a wall to catch your spray.

Damian Koh

There are few things more agonizing than having to hold onto a full bladder until you find a loo. Of course, you could duck into a secluded corner to relieve yourself, but you risk getting mugged, or worse, fined. That's why Mexican designer Miguel Melgarejo's Axixa public urinal concept could be a lifesaver.

The Design Blog

This ceramic bathroom, shaped like a pee trail, attaches itself to a wall. Inside, a blue seal works as a hygienic liquid that acts as a deodorant barrier, so there's no need to flush. According to the illustration, the drainage exits into the wall, which we assume links up somewhere with the sewage system.

No doubt this is a cool concept, but finding one of these could be a problem at night. And if you're drunk, there's the possibility of missing the hole altogether and suffering a back spray as a result.

(Source: Crave Asia via Gadget Lab)