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Psystar launches Open Computer software updates

Psystar adds software updates to its Web site

Psystar launched a series of software updates for its OS X-based Open Computer.

In our review of the Psystar Open Computer, a non-Apple-sanctioned desktop that ships with Apple's OS X pre-installed, we reported that Psystar planned to issue an ongoing series of software updates to address any incompatibilities that might arise. As reported by Information Week, those updates are now live, and available from Psystar for download.

Among the updates, you'll find fixes for iLife stability, an iTunes update, and a patch that lets you share the Open Computer's CD or DVD drive with a MacBook Air. Each comes as a straightforward download, hosted directly by Psystar, which also says that it will ship all new OS X-based Open Computers with these updates preinstalled.

We're sure anyone who purchased an Open Computer is glad to know that Psystar remains committed to its maverick desktop. But although they offer excellent price-performance compared to any other sub-$1,000 Apple system (basically just the Mac Mini), these systems are not for the technically faint-of-heart due to their continued potential to lose functionality themselves or to stop working with your Apple-made accessories via an errant software update. That said, we also still think that the Open Computer must look very enticing to tech savvy enthusiasts looking for a more affordable OS X-based system.