Product watch at Macworld

Mac-oriented hardware and software makers are using this week's Macworld Expo in New York to announce new products.

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Mac-oriented hardware and software makers are using this week's Macworld Expo in New York to announce new products.

Here are some of the more noteworthy ones:

SmartDisk announces a 5GB FireWire external hard drive. Developed with Toshiba, the SmartDisk FireLite Super Slim Drive measures 2.4 inches by 4 inches by 0.5 inch and weighs 5 ounces. The new drive will be available in October for $399.

Memora releases a software-only version of its Servio Personal Server, which allows Macs with OS X to become home servers for music, photos and video. The software sells for $199; Macworld attendees get a $50 discount this week.

Lexar Media unveils its USB CompactFlash Reader, which is compatible with OS X. The hardware, which allows a computer to read a CompactFlash card, costs $29 and goes on sale at the end of July.

Backbone Networks announces that its Backbone Radio software is available for OS X. The product uses QuickTime Streaming Server to organize, schedule and broadcast audio onto the Internet.

Roxio announces Toast 5 Titanium software for Mac OS X to let people burn CDs and DVDs. Customers who already own Toast 5 Titanium can download the beta version for free from Roxio's Web site. The preview version will expire after 90 days.

Toon Boom Technologies releases its Toon Boom Studio v1.0 for the Mac and PC to 2D animation. The software includes automatic lip sync features, 3D scene planning and Flash-compatible file rendering. Toon Boom Studio is available for Mac OS X and Windows for $349 via download or $374 via mail.

Corel announces Procreate Painter 7. According to the company, Painter 7 allows graphic designers and artists to replicate the experience of real-life painting. The product is set for release in August for Mac OS X and Windows. It will cost $499, or $199 for upgrades.

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Shantanu Narayen, VP of products, Adobe

Western Digital unveils an 80GB FireWire external hard drive, which runs at 7,200 rpm. The drive is designed to store data from digital video editing, digital camcorders, digital cameras and digital audio. Widespread availability is expected by late August for $379.

Essential Reality announces a new 3D control glove to support Mac OS X for interactive gaming. The new P5 glove gives computer gamers the ability to control 3D game software through hand gestures. Its release is set for the fall.

Aladdin Systems ships StuffIt Express 1.1 for Mac OS X to enable businesses to build applications that blend file transfer tasks with data compression and encryption. The software is designed to ease the flow of communication for businesses that depend on electronic file transfers.

World Book releases a new version of its encyclopedia CD-ROM for Mac OS X. The product, which costs $59, contains all of the articles from the 22-volume World Book Encyclopedia and features photos, videos, illustrations, maps, animation and music.

FileMaker demonstrates its FileMaker Server 5.5 for Mac OS X. The product, which hosts and protects workgroup databases, is expected to ship at the end of the month.

ThinkFree debuts the preview version of ThinkFree Office for Mac OS X. The product is a group of Microsoft Office-compatible programs and includes word processing, spreadsheet, graphics presentation and file management. The preview version is expected to come out in late August for $49 per year.

Dialpad announces its product for Internet phone calls via Mac OS X. The Dialpad World IP, which allows people to use their computers to call standard phones, is available now.

Matias debuts its Half Keyboard x2 for Macs. The company describes the product as a full desktop keyboard with right- and left-handed versions of a half-keyboard embedded within it. According to the company, the keyboard helps people who need to keep a second hand on their mouse at all times or who have a disability. It is slated to ship in October for $99.