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Principal suspends teen for Instagramming her mug shot

In Georgia, a school principal is not happy to see her mugshot on Instagram. She allegedly tries to get a police officer to arrest the teen responsible. The police officer refuses.

There she is.
WSB-TV Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I'm thinking of renaming this blog Technically HighSchoolWrecked.

No sooner does one odd controversy erupt in our teen education centers than another appears like a tardy bus.

The latest is a tale from Georgia. Please sit back. You may enjoy this.

An enterprising young man named Keandre Varner thought he'd discover whether his high school principal was, or ever had been, a criminal.

What joy, perhaps, for him to discover that there existed a mugshot of Jamille Miller Brown, principal of Riverdale High School, in Georgia.

If you were a mere teen and discovered your school principal's mugshot, what would you do? Yes, you are correct. You'd post it to Instagram.

As WSB-TV reports, this is what transpired here.

Your imagination might stretch to the notion that Miller Brown was not best pleased.

This was especially the case because Varner chose to add that he thought she'd been arrested for a DUI.

This turned out not to have been the case. She had been arrested for missing a court appearance that merely concerned a speeding ticket. So she called him into her office.

Did she berate him for finding her picture? Did she plead that she was just a good person who made a mistake?

Let Varner take up his story: "And she was like, 'You said I got arrested for DUI.' And I was like, 'I think you got arrested for DUI'."

Miller was undeterred. She knew the law. So she reportedly asked a policeman to arrest Varner.

You might be wondering what she asked the policeman to arrest him for. I am wondering the same thing.

The policeman might have wondered the same thing too, as he reportedly refused to arrest Varner.

What was Miller Brown to do? Why, suspend the miserable miscreant.

You're still here, aren't you? What could she have suspended him for? Well, school administrators declared that Varner has been suspended for disseminating the picture to many people and for behaving in a belligerent manner when on the principal's carpet.

Here's a twist: Varner's mom, Nakesha Thomas, told WSB-TV that Miller Brown had sent her a letter stating that he had been suspended for "spreading misinformation."

Are you reaching exhaustion yet? Well, there is nothing in the school's rules that prevent students from spreading misinformation. This is the Internet age. You're supposed to spread misinformation.

This may or may not have been a contributory factor to reducing Varner's suspension from four days to two.

What more words can be offered? How about Varner's interesting explanation: "I didn't like, really didn't intend to defame her character."

I just like, really wanted to have a laugh a the expense of the principal?

Varner says he never showed the mugshot to classmates, but it was on his Instagram page and don't all teens communicate via Instagram these days?

Indeed, other parents told WSB-TV that their children had been threatened with suspension by Miller Brown for having her mugshot on their phones.

I see no reason why many of America's high schools should remain open. There is a dearth of jobs as it is.

Perhaps two years of compulsory military service for both students and teachers would allow our nation to broaden its horizons, while allowing our youth and our educators to see a few of the world's sights and share how lucky they are.

Oh, of course I'm joking. But let me photograph that thought and put it on Instagram. We'll see what everyone else thinks.