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Preen's Darth Vader dresses channel your inner Sith

The Devil may wear Prada, but Darth Vader is all about Preen. "Star Wars" inspires another high-end fashion house with Preen's new runway designs that celebrate the Dark Side.

Know the power of the Dark Side with Preen's Darth Vader-inspired autumn/winter 2014 collection, which debuted at London Fashion Week.
Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images

Stormtroopers and Sith Lords on the catwalk? At London Fashion Week, both strutted the runway in "Star Wars"-inspired clothing designed by Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi from Preen.

Backstage at Preen's London Week Fashion Show, models and stormtroopers cozy up in the name of the Empire.
Backstage at Preen's London Week Fashion Show, models and stormtroopers cozy up in the name of the Empire. Preen

This homage to a galaxy far, far away is beginning to look like a fashion trend. Last week, droids, Yoda, and Luke Skywalker showed up on the New York Fashion Week runway in a fun new collection of "Star Wars" dresses by Rodarte.

Known for its eclectic mix of punk and vintage fashion sense, London-based design house Preen is a hit with everyone from Scarlett Johansson to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Preen designers channeled their love for Darth Vader and all things Imperial in their autumn/winter 2014 fashion line. Stormtroopers were on hand to escort models in dresses emblazoned with images of Darth Vader's infamous black helmet.

Even the textile pattern, which was influenced by the designers' love of Moroccan mosaics, also subtly resembled the Imperial crest of the Galactic Empire.

Backstage, models, fashion journalists, and celebrities posed with stormtroopers. Preen even posted a sign that read "You are a hot sci-fi geek!" to encourage models to channel their inner Sith while they strutted their stuff on the runway.

Interestingly, the designers at Preen didn't realize Rodarte would also be paying tribute to "Star Wars" in its winter fashion line.

"Obviously, we didn't know and when we saw it was too late to change," Preen designer Justin Thornton told Grazia. "But I do think it's interesting they went for the good characters only and we went for the bad. Who doesn't love a bad girl, right?"

Now that both Rodarte and Preen have revealed their geek sides, here's hoping other fashion houses show their adoration not only for "Star Wars," but also ofor ther sci-fi favorites such as "Star Trek" and "Doctor Who." Here's hoping for a Vivienne Westwood Tardis gown.