Plenty of Dell laptop leaks

New Latitude laptops from Dell

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Dan Ackerman

We've seen a few Dell laptop leaks in the past several days--but fortunately for Dell, one of these systems is actually leak-poof, or at least spill-resistant.

We already saw the Latitude XT2 tablet, which should be available in the fall of 2008, and now Engadget has gotten its hands on some product spec sheetsfor more new laptops from Dell's Latitude line, which is aimed at business users (as opposed to the consumer Inspiron and XPS lines).

Dell purportedly plans on replacing the popular D830, D630, D531, and D530 Latitude laptops with new models, including the 15.4-inch E6500 and E5500, and the 14.1-inch E6400 and E5400. The higher-end models will use Intel's upcoming Centrino 2 platform and will include LED backlit displays, a DisplayPort connection, solid state hard-drive options, integrated GPS, and new high-capacity batteries.

Dell's new Latitude E-series

If you're a little rougher on your laptops, we also hear that Dell is prepping an ATG version of the E6400. ATG stands for All-Terrain Grade, and it's basically a standard Dell Latitude dressed up in a semirugged housing. We looked at the Dell's first ATG system (the Latitude ATG D620) last year and generally liked it. Like the earlier version, the new ATG will have a tough outer shell, shock-mounted hard drive, rubber port covers, and a spill-proof keyboard.

They haven't been officially announced yet, but look for these new Latitude systems around June.