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Play Skee-Ball using Chrome on a computer, mobile device

Up to three players can compete in some intense games of Skee-Ball using nothing more than Chrome.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Remember when Google demoed the Racer game at Google I/O a few weeks back? Well, apparently Racer was just the beginning of showing interactive games using nothing more than Chrome.

As you can see from this Google+ post, Google has released yet another Chrome game. This time it comes in the form of the arcade classic of Skee-Ball, with the game being called Roll It.

Instead of relying on only mobile devices as the Racer game did, Roll It requires you to have a computer and mobile device, both with Chrome installed.

The mobile device, be it an Android or iOS device, will act as the controller, with the computer displaying the Skee-Ball setup, where you attempt to earn points.

To get started, download and install Chrome on both devices you'll be using to play the game with. You can grab the Chrome desktop version here, and the mobile version for Android and iOS.

Once you have Chrome installed and ready to go, visit the URL on both devices. Your computer will display a short code for you to enter in Chrome on your mobile device. Doing so will pair your phone with your computer and allow you to throw the ball down the track.

Each game is limited to three players, alternating in turns. I'm not sure how many levels are available, but there's a lot. You'll find bonus balls, different point arrangements, and a few other tricks during the course of playing Roll It.

From reading through Twitter and Google+, it appears that some users are experiencing issues getting the two devices to connect; that's likely due to a large number of people testing it out.

If you do give it a go, leave a comment below with your high score.