Play podcasts and save them to the cloud with Podcast Gallery

Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox makes Podcast Gallery a versatile Web app for listening to and managing your podcasts.

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Matt Elliott
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If you are a podcast listener lacking in some direction if not organization, Podcast Gallery can help you get a handle on the various podcasts you watch or listen to. Head to the Podcast Gallery site and you'll be greeted with a selection of the most popular podcasts on the Web.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Click on a podcast listed and you'll get a reverse chronological listing of its episodes. For each episode you can listen or watch right in your browser (Podcast Gallery uses HTML 5; no Flash required), download it, or send it to Dropbox or Google Drive. Also for each episode, you can open it in iTunes as well as open the RSS feed or the Web site for the podcast.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

At the top-left of the page are three links. The My Collection shows a list of the podcasts you've favorited by clicking the tiny heart for each. Starting a collection requires you sign in via Facebook or Twitter, it should be noted. Your collection get its own URL, making it easy to share your listening preferences with friends. The Getting Started link opens a YouTube video of the developer walking you through the app, and the Explore link lets you browse podcasts by genre and publisher. A search box is located in the upper-right corner. However, your search efforts will likely end in disappointment; Podcast Gallery contains a small fraction of what's out there. (No WTF with Marc Maron? WTF?)

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