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Photobucket says it erred in censoring diapered babies

Photobucket to restore photos of babies in diapers that it removed claiming they violated terms of service by depicting "nudity."

Wow, that was fast!

I contacted Photobucket parent Fox Interactive early Thursday to find out why the site censored a bunch of photos of babies in diapers posted by diaper company Good Mama Diapers. In separate e-mails, a Fox spokesman and Photobucket customer support said the hundreds of photos were deleted because they depicted "nudity" in violation of the site's terms of use.

Hours later I received word from Good Mama Diapers that Photobucket admits that it erroneously dumped the photos.

"My team has reviewed the images that were tossed in your account and it was determined that the images that were removed from your account should not have been removed. We have the images available to restore and are currently in the process of restoring them. Please accept our sincere apologies for the error," writes Monica M. Massad, content moderation manager at Photobucket, in an e-mail.

"It is true that we reviewed our content moderation guidelines to make sure it was in line with Photobucket's terms of service and it made us more strict on child nudity, however, we were over-censoring in this case and are working to rectify that."

Photobucket is also upgrading Good Mama Diapers' account to a pro account for one year.