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Phil Jackson's strange first tweet is an AOL ad

As everyone wondered why the great coach had tweeted in such an apparently confused manner, the answer is revealed. Not everyone will like this.

The Zen of Advertising.
AOL Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Sleep has possibly eluded you since you saw Phil Jackson's first tweet.

You wondered whether the former Lakers and Bulls coach was having severe trouble typing or whether he'd perhaps lost his senses.

You must now decide which of these is fact. For the tweet that read: "11 champ;ipnsikp[ ringhs" is actually, intake of breath, an ad for AOL.

Indeed, that very same AOL that you have always loved and respected, never more than now.

I am grateful to Deadspin for bringing me this painful information and making me believe that all humans have aspects that we don't always adore.

The secret of this ad was actually guessed yesterday by a Technically Incorrect commenter with the handle JJBrad2323.

He (or she) posted: "I think the reason for the spelling is clear: it's hard to type with 11 championship rings on. Viva Phil!"

I have no reason to believe that JJBrad2323 actually works for AOL. Some, though, will hope he doesn't.

I am not sure what the ultimate purpose of this ad might be, other than to (successfully) generate media mentions of the company.

The peevish might suggest that you don't change a brand image of a service only being used by those of advanced years by featuring someone of advanced years.

Some might even sink to Zenophobia.

Many Lakers fans will, however, simply be pleased that Jackson is again in the limelight and perhaps available to save the team from the abyss of mediocrity -- a position inhabited by AOL before its current management breathed it to life.