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Pet repellant

Sofa Guard pet alarm for furniture

You know you do it, too. Magazines, Tupperware covers, books, paper towels soaked in bitter-apple spray--all to prevent your dog from spending the day stretched out (and shedding) on the couch. In the end, all that your efforts really result in is a bunch of torn Atlantic Monthly and Vogue covers from your dog lying on top of them.

Sofa Guard pet alarm

Well, no more. Remember the electric fence? Oh, yes. Another cruel invention for the fur kid you supposedly love. The Sofa Guard, about $37.50 on Pro-Idee, is a black mat about 4.5 feet long powered by a 9-volt battery.

When little Hudson begins to climb up onto the Sofa Guarded couch, a 105-decibel siren sounds and jolts him, as well as the neighbors. The alarm stops, once your dog stops touching the mat.

Source: Ubergizmo.