Peek under the skin of Predator, Alien, and Mogwai

Get into the biology of some famous sci-fi creatures with artist Brad McGinty's anatomical illustrations.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Mogwai illustration
Store away from sunshine. Brad McGinty

Chances are you had to dissect a frog in high school biology class. What if it had been a Mogwai instead? Artist Bradwick J. McGinty III has created a bizarre mashup of science fiction creatures and vintage anatomical drawings imagining what fictional beasts look like under their skin.

Mars Attacks alien
Take me to your Tom Jones. (Click to enlarge.) Brad McGinty

The Mogwai doesn't look as cute and cuddly as usual in this form. The illustration hints at its sinister transformation into a Gremlin through the care and feeding instructions at the bottom of the drawing. Better keep an eye on those feeding times!

I can't translate the labels on the Alien anatomy drawing, but I'm guessing they discuss how every organ, bone, and tendon is designed to help it crunch down on space explorers. There's also a "Mars Attacks" alien dissection, minus any references to Tom Jones.

Perhaps if these vivisections had been available to the human characters in the movies, it would have been a little easier to pinpoint weaknesses and defeat the alien visitors.

McGinty has both Alien and Predator drawing shirts available. Your biggest dilemma will be which one to wear. You'll have say to yourself, "Hmm, do I feel more like an Alien or a Predator this morning?" as you're getting dressed. Either way, you still get the irresistible taste of human flesh.

Alien illustration
I just want to hug your face with my offspring. Brad McGinty

(Via io9)