Pantech C610 unveiled and reviewed

The Pantech C610 is a new 3G flip phone from AT&T.

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Nicole Lee

Pantech C610 Pantech C610

Monday, Pantech and AT&T unveiled the Pantech C610. The C610 looks like a simple red and chrome handset on the surface, but underneath is a host of high-end features. They include 3G/HSDPA, a 1.3-megapixel camera and camcorder, a music player, AGPS (with support for AT&T Navigator), stereo Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, and more. Since it has HSDPA, the C610 also has access to AT&T's broadband services, such as AT&T Mobile Music (which lets you stream and download music from Napster and eMusic), AT&T streaming video, and AT&T Video Share. The Pantech C610 is available right now for $29 with a two-year service agreement.

We reviewed the Pantech C610, and while we were impressed with its features, we weren't blown away by the design. The keypad was way too flat for our taste, and we didn't like that we had to hold the phone open in order to take pictures. That said, call quality was good and $29 for a 3G phone is a pretty good deal.

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