Pancake printer is our wacky, delicious future (Tomorrow Daily 142)

On today's show, we discuss a robotic glove helping stroke victims, a 22-foot emergency capsule for tsunamis, the PancakeBot griddle from Kickstarter and a 3D selfie drone.

Ashley Esqueda Senior Video Producer
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Ashley Esqueda

We don't want to imagine a world without the creative deliciousness of PancakeBot, a sort of pancake printer that uses similar tech to 3D printing in order to make custom pancake designs on demand. This is the stuff dreams are made of -- and you don't actually have to know how to make pancake art to create something cool on the griddle!

We're also talking about amazing robotic hands that help stroke victims with rehabilitation, 3D selfie drones, and a man who started building a potential safe haven for disasters after he saw the devastation of the 2011 Japan tsunami.

Watch this: Pancake printer is our wacky, delicious future (Tomorrow Daily 142)


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