Ou, not again!

Peter Gutmann requests a clarification.

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The Macalope

Peter Gutmann of A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection fame emailed the Macalope (during the heat of Macworld Expo, so apologies for the delay) to respond to a piece the brown and furry one wrote a while back confirming the only piece of Gutmann's story he was qualified to make a judgement on:

That, on any given day, George Ou is not exactly traversing through a fully linked list.

Gutmann wanted to point out that he had, in fact, responded to Ou some time ago here.

Again, the Macalope will point out that he's not qualified to judge who's got the technical high ground here, but it does make for interesting reading.

Don't miss the excerpts from Ou's emails at the bottom.

UPDATE: In comments, George Ou takes exception to what he believes are Gutmann's insinuations that he sent him obscenity-laden emails. It's unclear if he's denying he sent the emails at all, he just seems to be saying he didn't send them to Gutmann and he thinks Gutmann is misrepresenting his loutish behavior with others as loutish behavior with him. Duly noted, George!