The original Iron Man suit is missing

Damn you, Thanos! That $320,000 suit wasn't yours to take!

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Claire Reilly

Iron Man's suit is MIA.


When you build an entire film universe on the success of one movie, you really don't want to lose your hero's costume.

But now it looks as though the original Iron Man costume from the 2008 film that kicked off Marvel mania is now missing. 

CBS2 News anchor Pat Harvey tweeted late on Tuesday that the original Iron Man costume, worth a rumoured $320,000, had been stolen. (CBS2 News is part of CBS, which also owns CNET).

The costume went missing from a movie props storage facility in Pacoima, Los Angeles.

Speaking from outside the storage facility, CBS News reporter Crystal Crews said the owners of the business last remembered seeing the costume in February, and when they looked for it on Wednesday, noticed it was missing.

The business owners then called 911.

Hollywood memorabilia can be worth a huge amount of money to the right buyer -- props like Captain Kirk's chair from Star Trek or the original X-Wing fighter from Star Wars can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. 

Still no word on whether Thanos was involved.

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