Optio H90, E90 build out Pentax's 2010 point-and-shoots

Pentax launches a new line of ultracompacts and refreshes its entry-level model.

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Pentax makes only a handful of compact digital cameras, but the models it has continue to be competitive with offerings from other manufacturers. For example, there's the newly launched H series, starting with the H90, a stylish 12-megapixel ultracompact with a 2.7-inch LCD, a wide-angle 28-140mm-equivalent lens with a 5x zoom, and 720p HD-quality movie capture at 30fps.

You also get all the auto features expected for its class, Eye-Fi wireless SD card support, digital filters such as Toy Camera and Retro to apply to your photos, and an Image Recovery function to recover pictures that you've accidentally erased.

About the only thing missing is optical or sensor-shift image stabilization; the H90's digital only, but it uses the company's Pixel Track shake reduction, which turns out better results than simply boosting ISO and shutter speed.

The Optio H90 will ship in February in a choice of orange-silver, matte black, and ceramic white for $179.95.


For those just interested in basic shooting features at a low price, there's the Optio E90. The body has a comfortable rubberized coating that makes for a solid grip. Plus, it's powered by AA batteries.

Other features include:

  • 10 megapixels
  • 2.7-inch LCD
  • 3x f2.9-5.2 32-96mm-equivalent lens
  • Digital shake reduction
  • $99.95 available in February