Operation Lindsey's living room

Gadgettes is sponsoring a contest to fix Lindsey's sorry TV situation. Redesign her living room and receive a custom Molly Nerd Voice ringtone.

Lindsey Turrentine EVP, Content and Audience
Lindsey Turrentine is executive vice president for content and audience. She has helped shape digital media since digital media was born.
Lindsey Turrentine

Update: I've posted the below images and added some requested images to the below slideshow. Check the comments section for my answers to some of your questions.

Lindsey's living room: The raw materials

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Those of you who listened to last week's Gadgettes know the deal: Come up with an entertainment-system design for my living room that can accommodate a modern, flat-screen TV--one that Molly will deign to watch--and you could win the prize of the century: a custom Molly Nerd Voice ringtone.

Consider yourself a design geek? Look over the following drawings, photos, and guidelines. Whip up your suggestions, then send us your design via e-mail (to gadgettes@cnet.com) with your ideas by Thursday, April 29. My small team of advisers--Molly, Jason, Kelly, and my husband--and I will pick the winner. (I reserve the right to ask my mom, too. No shame in that.)

But first, my demands:

  • I don't want to see a bunch of cords.

  • I'd rather not see the TV when it's not on, but I can make exceptions for particularly elegant installations.
  • I want as few boxes as possible, and am willing to buy new electronics to keep down the clutter.

  • I do want to keep DirecTV, which I have now.

  • I need a DVR and a spot for our Wii, as well as some sort of music system. (We have most of our music in iTunes and spread across various iPods and iPhones.)

Go forth and design! Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

Lindsey's living room
Lindsey's living room. Note the small space, smashed Lego Star Wars ship on the coffee table, and limited options for couch placement. Lindsey Turrentine/CNET

Blueprint of Lindsey's living room
Layout of Lindsey's Living room. Measurements are as follows:Long (east) wall with front door = 20 feet, 7 inches;Short (north) wall with Fireplace = 12 feet, 1/2 inch;Wall (west) with couch = 9 feet, 6 inches Levitch Associates Inc.
Lindsey's TV cabinet
The terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad "entertainment system" Lindsey Turrentine/CNET