Police tweet One Direction music threat to drunk drivers

Technically Incorrect: The Wyoming, Minnesota, Police Department has a slightly different approach to social media.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

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A threat too far?

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If you're in a position of authority, it's hard to get through to people.

You can try intimidation. You can try speaking softly and carrying a large baton. But people hear so many words these days that it's all just background noise.

How, then, if you're a police department, can you remind people not to drink and drive?

The Wyoming, Minnesota, Police Department took to Twitter to offer extreme measures. On the eve of Thanksgiving, the department tweeted: "Do NOT drive drunk. I will find you. I will arrest you. I will make you listen to One Direction cover bands on the way to jail."

Some might think it odd that the police would exert punishment even before the accused is accorded due process. The threat here is considerable.

It's also one that has delighted many, with more than 9,000 liking it and more than 5,600 retweeting this festive sentiment.

Some, including fellow police departments, wondered whether such a threat was legal. As Charlie Brose tweeted: "One Direction is bad enough, but cover bands. That would be in violation of the 8th amendment." That's the amendment that forbids "cruel and unusual punishment."

When a Twitterer asked what happens if the arrested party actually likes One Direction, the police department replied: "No one likes One Direction."

Police departments seem to have a thing about certain bands. Who can forget the Australian Police Department which took to Facebook to charge Nickelback with crimes against music?

Oddly, when a Twitterer asked the Wyoming, Minnesota, Police Department what happens when someone's on heroin, the police replied: "Nickelback."

I asked the department which music is approved. The Twitter account wag replied: "Check out the tweets on #squadcartunes and you have all the information you need. That and #taylorswift13 because she's my home girl."

There's some very dubious music at #squadcartunes. Some it is quite criminal. But, yes, of course Alice In Chains is there.