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OK, now that the hype has cooled...

I still like the HTC Touch as an alternative to the iPhone.

HTC Touch
HTC Touch

In the aftermath of Friday--and now that we have witnessed the Sacred Birth of the Baby iPhone, everything touch-centric is being grabbed and noticed; perhaps we all recognize the touch era has well and truly begun. In that era, the HTC Touch can stand on its own.

For one thing, you can use a stylus or, if you prefer, your finger. You spin and flip the screen around in a unique implementation of Windows Mobile 6.

I found that once you got the knack of it, using a finger swipe to spin and flip between modes is quite enjoyable. But this is more than a fun gadget. It's clean and easy to use, call quality is excellent, and battery life of 5 hours talk time is generous. The two-megapixel camera, though, is just fair, however, and texting is a bit difficult.

Bottom line is if you're looking for a small, Windows-based PDA and in the market for something stylish, the Touch deserves a look.