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Off-topic: Arsenal 7, Slavia Prague 0 (Champions League)

Oh my. Arsenal wipe away Prague with a vengeance.

I'm losing count of Arsenal's winning streak. What is this? Twelve straight wins?

Today's was special, however, because it saw the aspiring, 18-year old Theo Walcott smash home two goals to match Fabregas' two (Hleb had two but one was counted as a Slavia Prague own goal and Bendtner continued to impress with the seventh goal of the night). The team is on fire, and Walcott is finally proving himself as a player.

Theo Walcott BBC

Arsenal didn't waste any time this game, drilling home a Fabregas goal on five minutes on a brilliant pass from Hleb. Hleb followed minutes later, and the score just kept going up.

With this win, Arsenal all but clinched their seat in the next round of the Champions League. In the form they're in, who would bet against them? Possibly Liverpool, which plays the Arsenal on Sunday. I'll be in Barcelona but will be hoping that Arsenal can teach Liverpool how to play football well, since Liverpool has been rubbish this season, despite occasionally pulling out wins.

The only other team that has shown fine form is Manchester United. They won today by a 4-2 margin, and have been dominating domestically in the Premiership. November 3, when the two sides meet at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, will be a deciding match for the season.