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Nintendo fans line up early for the Wii U

Gamers camp out in New York to be the first to get the Wii U console, Microsoft is sued over Surface's storage, and Facebook adds a mobile share button.

Thursday's CNET Update is ready for the next level:

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Nintendo's Wii U goes on sale Sunday, and gamers are lining up early at the Nintendo World store in New York. The first in line is the Power Glove-wearing super fan Isaiah Triforce Johnson. He's been paid by corporate sponsors while waiting outside the store for nearly a month. Other fans began showing up on Monday and Tuesday.

This Nintendo World store will sell the first Wii U console at a midnight launch event. The system comes in two models, a Basic Set in white for $300, and a Deluxe Set in black for $350. The Deluxe is the better deal: for $50 more, it comes with four times the storage (32GB), a charging dock for the GamePad, a stand for the console, and the game Nintendo Land.

Also in today's news roundup, Microsoft has been hit with a lawsuit over the storage space in the Surface RT tablet. The 32GB model only has 16GB of free space to store files. That's because half of the storage is taken up by the operating system and included programs. A California lawyer is suing over false advertising. Microsoft says the lawsuit is without merit, since customers already understand that pre-installed programs will reduced the total free space.

And Facebook is finally adding a way to share a post on its mobile website. But we're still waiting for a share button on the iOS and Android apps.

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